About Fempowerment Awards

We have instituted this award, not just to felicitate women achievers, but also to, set a benchmark for future generations to follow. The idea is not to fight for equality which creates an unnecessary hostility with men, but instead, to seek help and support from men so that, both women and men can work together towards empowering women. We are here to motivate women to do/continue the good work and attain goals by carving out their own niche.

We want other women to get inspired by winners of the Fempowerment Awards, so that they too can someday soon find themselves on the Winners' List.

Fempowerment is an initiative of Kiren Shrivastav (CEO of Molecule Communications) and ZEE TV. Through the unique process of Nomination by Masses, a platform to reach out to several women who are doing great work in several fields, is created, and a voice is lent to women and their achievements, which otherwise might have never been heard. Apart from this, we also aim at creating an interactive platform with various associations that are involved in teaching skills to women, especially those that have been victims of abuse, domestic violence etc, so that they too can get a chance to become financially independent.

Fempowerment in a nutshell, is all of the above and a lot more!

Founders message : http://www.fempowermentawards.com/foundermessage.php