Founder Message

Men and women are not equal,They are Different and thats the beauty,

I believe they are equal as human beings but different as beings hence comparisons or making it as a yardstick of equality is futile. This was the thought process in mind with which I wanted to take the initiative of Fempowerment as a movement for motivating women and creating platform for them to feel appreciated, special, unique and continue making a difference with support of men not as gender but as human beings as together we can make a difference. The concept of Fempowerment was by my colleague and a very dear friend Faraz Ali and another dear friend of mine Dhiraj Khandelwal helped me to make the first Fempowerment happen followed by Gagan Sharma who helped us to manage the 2nd year all of them are Men and believe in supporting and empowering women. My own brother Ajay Shrivastav is the reason behind my existence.

We are equal yes, but the increase in the incidents of rapes and sexual harassment, the #metoo campaign itself has made it clear that there is an Imbalance in the Power structure of the world. We as Women may be equal in the eyes of creation, but there is a whole system there, a whole mindset that doesnt accept that. Is confused by it. The confusion is on both ends. One that doesn't believe the genders are equal, the other that feels equality is sameness. That Women have to behave like Men to be equal. This is we at Fempowerment would like to address. True empowerment at all levels that has real ramifications. We won't hold protests or have candle light marches. We are looking for a systematic and productive change. A change that will make our country safer and our women claiming their true power in the world.

I humbly invite you to join us in this endeavour.

Thank you!

If you have any suggestions or would like to be part of this initiative in any way please connect with with me on