Join The Movement

Lately, the rape incident, women safety issues and women rights have been the prime issues of concern. Many raised voice against the ill treatment of women, there were protests and rallies. But having done all this, how sensitively do you think our government or our police have reacted?

The cases have not come down. The country isn't safe for women. The culprits have not been brought to justice. There has been no justice for the victims. There are laws, but there is no fear which would act as a deterrent. There is a lot that needs to be done. Where is the gap? What is that is missing? We, Molecule Communications, have taken up this cause of ensuring women safety and this is a forum where you can speak your heart, tell us what you feel about this and share your ideas to make women safety a part of our social fabric. Stand up, speak up and be a part of this movement called- Fempowerment.